gucci shoulder handbags

New from Banana Republic is a premium replica designer handbags collection called Bloomsbury.

Just from a quick glance at the web site what I notice first is the beautiful colors. Very rich and fall. Especially this shade of gucci shoulder handbags.

Although I like the colors I can’t say much for originality. In fact, I wouldn’t be suprised if Marc jacobs has a lawsuit in the works. Swap out the brass rings on the Banana bags for the silver hardward on a MJ gucci wristlet and it is basically the same thing. Plus the long zip tassle looks very familiar.

Plus on a more functional level, I think it would be dificult to quickly close up all the pockets with the double rings. Looks like that would involve lost of funbling (unless those are actually magnets.)

Par advdset le mercredi 06 juillet 2011


#1 Par ~Tiffany Jewelry le 13.07.2011 à 11:06 top
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